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Relationship Counselling

Help for Your Relationships

Relationship Counselling

Finding your way through relationship concerns.

If you are having difficulties in your relationship and want to improve it, counselling can be helpful in providing a safe place to talk it through with a trained and non-biased therapist. With empathy and understanding, I can help you to explore your feelings, beliefs, values, hopes and expectations about your relationship together. This may enable you to develop greater understanding and awareness of the difficulties that you are struggling with. As you develop greater insight and see your situation from a different perspective, you may identify changes that you want to make and together, we can work to negotiate and implement these.

This may involve talking about issues, creative exploration and also exercises to try at home, depending on the issue and the way that you like to work.

Whether you are married, in a civil partnership, living together, separated, divorced, single or never been in a relationship, together we can work on understanding yourself better and strengthening your relationships.

On the other hand, if you think you might be facing a separation I can support you in considering how to manage this as constructively as possible.


I can offer support for a wide range of relationship issues including (but not limited to)

  • Your relationship is causing you emotional distress

  • Your communication has broken down

  • Your disagreements or  arguments are getting worse or it's the same issues with no resolution.

  • Either of you are experiencing depression, anxiety or illness.

  • Your have experienced a life change to which your relationship needs to adjust such as a bereavement, a new baby, children leaving home, retirement.

  • You are thinking of separating

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